Husband & Wife

Daniel Melnychuk & Susan Shoemaker

Working together, Dan & Sue have 30 years of combined experience in residential real estate.  Before moving to the South Okanagan-Similkameen Valley, they sold real estate in the southern suburbs of the Lower Mainland & the Fraser Valley.  

Dan grew up in various small farming towns in the Edmonton, Alberta area.   After high school, he received his B.Comm and his MBA from the University of Alberta.   He worked for a commerical development company and in the banking industry in Alberta before being transferred to BC.    Before becoming a licensed real estate agent, Dan worked in commerical and residential banking. 

When he moved to BC, Dan quickly acclimitized to the mild climate.    It didn't take him long to shed his heavy winter parka and snow boots in favour of light sport jackets and an umbrella.   It was such a treat not to have to plug the car in overnight to keep the battery alive in freezing temperatures.   To this day, Dan's preferred casual attire is a pair of shorts - even in December! 

Sue was born & raised in the Vancouver area.  For her, winter was really fun because it only came about once every 5 or 10 years!  In fact, fog was more of a winter issue than snow.  And when Dan decided to introduce her to his family in Edmonton, he would, of course, pick one of the coldest winters on record.  He said "pack winter clothes!"  But to Sue, that just meant a heavier coat than usual, a pair of gloves and a hat of some sort.  Well - when those outer doors opened at the Edmonton airport, the gush of cold weather practically froze her on the spot.  But - ever prepared - and with a little chuckle - Dan quickly reached into his carry-on bag & pulled out real winter gloves and hats - prairie style!  

As the years passed, and the traffic & congestion of the Lower Mainland lost it's appeal, Dan & Sue were drawn to the South Okanagan-Similkameen area for several reasons. 

The scenery - although the mountains aren't quite as big as those on the coast, they are gorgeous, none-the-less.  And, they're much more accessible, which is a bonus.   And how about those magnificant fresh water lakes.  The lakes at neighbourhing Penticton & Osoyoos may not be as big as an ocean but salt water is kinda' yucchy if you happen swallow it - freshwater lakes are so much nicer.  There's ski resorts closeby & of course, golf courses, a-plenty.    

For lifestyle seekers, the Valleys of the South Okanagan and Similkameen just makes sense.    And, Keremeos made a lot of sense.   Housing is still affordable by BC standards.  The residents are friendly & laid-back. The climate is outstanding - not much winter - a lot of summer - and a spring & fall without much rain.   Traffic jams are non-existent.   There's a gorgeous river nearby, lots of lakes and Apex ski resort is only 30 minutes.   Keremeos has an emergency center (pretty rare for small towns), and incredibly quiet, streets.   Evenings are great, especially for stargazers.  No smog means lots of visible stars. 

Almost anyway you measure it - the lifestyle in the Keremoes area is pretty hard to beat.